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Guest lecture of Laurens Jan Brinkhorst in Europe House on 1 May

This lecture is part of a series of lectures by guest speakers like Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Wendy Asbeek Brusse and Jacob de Haan, organised by Leiden University and Europe House.

Laurens Jan Brinkhorst will give a guest lecture in Europe House on 1 May, in the context of the cooperation between the Leiden University and the Europe House. He will elaborate on the economic crisis in general, as well as the specific EU problems concerning the Euro. Starting point will be: only closer European cooperation is the way out of the crisis. "We work together or we hang separately".

Venue opens 15.00 hrs, start of the lecture at 15.15 hrs until 16.30 hrs, followed by drinks.
The lecture takes place in English. Entrance is free but registration is compulsory at lieke.schuitmaker (@)