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Prijsuitreiking Concours Visions d'Europe / Cérémonie de remise des prix dans la Maison d´Europe

The award ceremony takes place on Wednesday March 27th from 14h-17h at Het Huis van Europa in Den Haag with the 30 winners, their teachers and parents, as well as representatives from the different Dutch Alliance Française chapters, as well as the linguistic advisor of the French Embassy.

All winners will receive prices and the first price is a one week intensive French class this summer in Paris, travel and accommodation included.

The classical ensemble FaKeDuo (flute & bass-clarinet) will provide musical entertainment from French & francophone composers.

A cocktail offered by the General Delegate of the Alliance Française Foundation in Paris to the Netherlands will wrap-up the afternoon program.


Some 300 highschool students from all over the Netherlands participated in this year's Concours Visions d'Europe (Competition Vision for Europe) on February 6th 2013.

The Dutch highschool students were asked to write on the theme :

" L'Union européenne vient de recevoir le prix Nobel de la paix. Dans l'Europe en paix, les jeunes ont-ils en 2013 la perspective d'une vie plus heureuse que celle de leurs parents et de leurs grands-parents? - Vous pouvez illustrer votre rédaction d'exemples pris, non seulement aux Pays-Bas, mais aussi dans d'autres pays de l'Union européenne."

English translation : The European Union received the Peace Nobel Price. In the pacified Europe, do young people in 2013 have a happier life than their parents or grand-parents ? - You can include examples in your short essay presentation, not only from the Netherlands, but also from other European countries.

Information et réservation :
Délégation générale de l'Alliance francaise

Telefoon 070 362 1523 (Den Haag)