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9-10 September: Europe house will host the JIIP Summer School of 2013

The Europe House will be the host of the JIIP Summer School of 2013. The Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP) is an initiative of 4 RTO's, Joanneum Research (Austria), Tecnalia (Spain), TNO (Netherlands) and VTT (Finland) with the aim of establishing a strong international grouping for research and research based consultancy to support innovation policy in Europe, firmly grounded in deeper knowledge of technologies and sectors of the mother organisations.

This year the annual Summer School of JIPP will take place in The Netherlands, organised by TNO. The Summer School has as goal to gather experts from the mother organisations, in order to discuss on a specific topic, and develop a common vision, embodied in a white paper. This years topic will be Transitions of socio-technical systems. Research on “transition management” and “system(ic) innovations” has developed rapidly within over ten years. Among the starting points are increasing complexity of intertwining global systems of which many are related to grand socio-economic (EU Grand) challenges. Examples of complex systems are sustainable energy & climate change, pandemics, water scarcity, or also governance of increasingly complex and vulnerable information and communication systems. Among the pioneers in these field are Dutch and UK colleagues and these and some other countries (e.g. Austria) have experiences of applying these approaches also as support to decision-making. The social shaping or “rooting” of technologies procedure developed by Dutch and also Finnish colleagues is close to transition and systemic innovation approach.

Part of the Summer School will be the JIIP Symposium in the Museum of communications in the Hague with guest speakers Thierry Gaudin (advisor to the European Union, the Worldbank , etc.), Frank van Ooijen (Director Strategy at Campina Melkunie), and Rob Weterings (TNO).