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Seminar 17 February Europe House: Croatia and the State of the European Democracy

Croatia is a member of the European Union since June 2013. What does this new member state think of European democracy? Are there any tensions between national and European interests? And how do Croatian politicians deal with these issues?

A debate between Romana Vlahutin, adviser to the president of the Republic of Croatia for Foreign Affairs, and researcher Jan Marinus Wiersma. Moderated by political columnist Hans Goslinga of the Dutch newspaper Trouw.

Croatia and the State of the European Democracy

Some Dutch politicians tend to think that further European political integration hinders the national and parliamentary democracy. According to them, there is no sufficient democratic legitimacy on the European level in return for more integration.

How do Croatian politicians look at this dilemma? Can we find a similar hesitation of giving up sovereignty in their debates and policies? Are the interests of the national democracy put above that of a viable European democracy? What are their thoughts on the possibilities of European democracy and the way Croatia can benefit from them?

This debate is part of the debate series 'The State of the European Democracy' in cooperation with the Dutch Trouw newspaper.

Practical information

Date: Monday, February 17th
Venue: House of Europe, Korte Vijverberg 5/6, 2513 AB The Hague, the Netherlands


16h30 Doors open

16h45 Welcome by Hans Goslinga

16h50 Introduction by Mr. Wiersma

17h10 Introduction by Ms. Vlahutin

17h30 Debate, moderated by Hans Goslinga

18h15 Reception

Please note that the debate will be conducted in English.

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