"How to Preserve and Develop Co-operation and Peace in Europe"

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) invites you to the above meeting on July 24 2015 from 13.30 till 17.00 hrs in the "Huis van Europa"

Although the European Union not so long ago was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the continuation of peace in Europe is not self-evident when looking at the following phenomena: rising nationalism, Russia's agression, the spread of criminal and terrorist networks in Europe, the emergence of China as a superpower (also military), the decline in US influence around Europe and reduced enthusiasm for the EU. Therefore it is important not to lose what has been achieved and to further develop it. With this meeting, UPF wants to contribute to revitalisation of  the Road to Peace in Europe and encourage Europe to step up its efforts for peace in the world.

The program is as follows:

13:30 Reception
13.50 Opening by dr. M.K. Gautam, emeritus professor in cultural anthropology at the University of Leiden
14.00 Theme: How to Preserve and Develop Co-operation and Peace in Europe?

Speakers who will highlight this theme:

Dr. W. van Eekelen. Dr. Van Eekelen  joined the Netherlands Foreign Service in 1957 and served in New Delhi, London, Accra, Paris and Brussels NATO and became State Secretary for Defence, State Secretary for European Affairs and Minister of Defence. In 1989 he became Secretary General of the Western European Union. Now he is a member of the Netherlands Advisory Commission on European Integration.

Dr. G. Oketa, former Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister of Albania and founder of the New Democratic Spirit Party


Prof. Dr. Mrs. M. Kalsky. Manuela Kalsky is a theologian and director of the Dominican Study Centre for Theology and Society (DSTS). Since January 1, 2012 she holds  the Edward Schillebeeckx Chair for Theology and Society at the Free University in Amsterdam. She leads the Project (New) We: Looking for a New We. How to find social cohesion in the highly individualized and at the same time multicultural as well as multireligious society?

Mr. J. Marion. Jacques Marion is Secretary General of UPF Europe. For a considerable time he has been  
working in Russia. He is involved in organizing UPF conferences in Europe and world wide.

15:30 Discussion, questions and answers following the contributed ideas
16:00 Concluding Remarks
16:10 Closure and only opportunity for informal gathering

In order to prepare the meeting well, we kindly ask you to confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to info@upf-nederland.nl.For further information about the meeting or how to reach the venue, please contact Ms. Elfi Verstraeten, tel. 0346 572989.