Kom ook vanaf 9 september naar de expositie: Cycling across Europe

'A photographic journey connecting the European countryside from a contemporary perspective by Attila Lenart'

Attila Lenart was born 19.08.1980 in Budapest. He started cycling when he turned 5 and since then never stopped pedalling. He already fixed bikes with friends at age 10. He states: 'I saved some money that I got from my parents and spent it on basic tools to fix my own bike. Later, at 26 years old, I left Hungary and moved to London to change my life for good. After 5 years living in London I realized that the meaning of my life is making people happy while fixing their bikes. I couldn't get employed at the best bike shop in London and then I left England and moved to Amsterdam to be a professional bicycle repair man.For the last 5 years I am working at Workcycles and in the meantime I'm discovering Europe with my custom built Bianchi road bike. Distance nor weather conditions nor mountains can stop me, I will never give up!'

Opening of the exhibition 9 September from 16.00 until 17.30. Please confirm your attendance by sending an email to tordaiconsulting@gamil.com

Huis van Europa

Korte Vijverberg 5/6

2513 AB Den Haag